Thursday, January 21


I miss this little negro when I have to live in Logan.

Monday, November 9

Smashing Pumpkins

Flying Pumpkins
A blessed weekend in the hometown and the city was much needed. I had to get down to do some annual pumpkin smashing. Unfortunately, I lived out my last days on my favorite roof about a month ago because they put up censor lights and flickin' cameras! What is the world coming to these days!?! Can't they just let us have a little fun. I'll figure out how to stick it to the man somehow. Thaynefully I know how to get on some other roofs in BrownTown and we made a real mess of things and ruined peoples nights and caused mischief.

Poor Jack-O-Lanterns don't know what they're in for.
Can you tell why we're best friends?
These are my boyfriends I have to beat them up to keep them in line.

Friday, September 18

It Ain't No Use To Sit And Wonder Why, Babe

Marriage and boating. Two of the most common things that took place this summer. Summer was a good time but I'm getting real excited for the crispy leaves and gray days that come with the fall. Wednesday was perfectly gray and rainy.

Some things I do miss about the summer:

I really miss taking brother's skooter for joy rides, hoppin' on the back of Hilary's for rides that last hours while people yell "Dike Bike" at us and stopping for a bathroom break at the P-shack.

The Rope Swing

Paces Dairy Anne

Lake Tahoe